5S – What is it?

Trust me, the first 5S project in your organization will be a lot of work, so will the last.  The difference is over time your organization’s culture will be transformed and everyone will be behind it.

Sort – Everything is removed from the work area – everything.  Then you sort through each item and red tag only the items that are absolutely necessary. It’s just like pulling everything out of your garage, putting it all on the driveway and only keeping the kids toys that they still play with.

Set – Put it back but only the items you kept from the Sort step.  The key to this step is to remember – Everything has it’s place.  This is where shadow boards and team tool tents are vital.  All items must be visible, out in the open and readily accessible.  If items are covered or hidden from view the disorganization will come right back.

Shine – Clean the area, really clean it and then clean it again.  Why shouldn’t your shop look like an operating room?

Standardize – Standardize work methods.  All the clutter has been eliminated, the tools are readily available and everything is clean! Finally, proper work practices can be developed.

Sustain – Keep it going.  This is the hardest part.  Proof that 5S has taken hold in your organization and has become a part of the culture – management doesn’t push 5S but rather, employees demand it.  Successful 5S provides a work environment that allows you to be safer, faster, better and leaner.

– David

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